Basic Pet Manners

Everyone wants a mannerly pet and this class is here to help.  From teaching basic leash work, commands such as sit down and stay, to how to keep your dog from jumping on visitors, the Pet Manners class is for the first time dog owner to the experienced who just need some refreshers.


On occasion, an Advanced Pet Manners class will be offered for those who have previously attended a Basic Pet Manners class and want to keep the training going.  In the Advance class, skills will be fine tuned in addition to working towards taking/passing the CGC (Canine Good Citizen) and introducing Performance Events.

Dog needs to be at least 5 months old, current on vaccinations (proof is required the first night of class), and need to be brought in with a collar and leash 

(no harnesses or flexi-leads).


Six week class is $100 payable the first night of class.  Must sign up in advance.  Limited to 8 dog/handler pairs in this class.

Puppy 101

Everyone loves a cute little puppy but little puppies grow up to be big dogs!  The earlier that puppies can be exposed to environmental stimulation, other dogs, and people the greater the chance of having a well balanced dog.  This class is for puppies from 10 weeks up to 5 months of age at the start of class.  Each puppy has the option to be evaluated at the end of the class through the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program.


In this class, puppies will work on basic commands (sit, down, leash skills, etc), have an off leash interaction/play time, be introduced to environmental stimuli and how to properly react/respond, and have opportunities to transition from work/play/work.  Handlers will have the opportunity to learn about canine communication, normal puppy behavior, and given support through the most trying time of a puppy’s life!

Six week class is $100 payable the first night of class.  Must sign up in advance.  Limited to 8 dog/handler pairs in this class.

Therapy Dog Prep/Practice Sessions​

Do you think your dog has what it takes to be a Therapy Dog?  Do you and your dog want to give back to your community by volunteering at your local school or nursing home?  In this class, the various Therapy Dog Organizations will be discussed, options for insurance will be shared, requirements for a typical therapy evaluation will be covered, and advice and personal stories will be shared about the pros and cons of therapy dogs.  At the end of this class, you will have a better understanding of what it takes to pass a therapy dog evaluation and will be equipped with information to get you started in the process.

The Therapy Dog Evaluation Prep Session is $50 if you attend with your dog ($25 for handler only).  The first half of each class will be a sit down/share information session.  The last half will be a time to work with your dog and see how they react/respond to different scenarios similar to a therapy dog evaluation or actual therapy visit.

To attend a therapy dog class, dogs need to be up to date on vaccinations (proof is required the first time they attend) and will need to be brought in with a collar, leash and lots of treats.  

A Therapy Dog Evaluation Seminar will be offered on occasion.  This will involve a 2 hour session on a Saturday where all the information from the classes will be shared in one setting.  Dogs will not be in attendance so that the handler can focus on the material presented.  After the seminar, an agreed upon time will be schedule with the participants for a work session with the dogs.  Cost of the two hour seminar is $25.  


Canine Good Citizen



Not necessarily a class, but a CGC evaluation will be offered for those dog owners who want to have their dog evaluated proving that he is a well trained, mannerly canine citizen.  A ten step evaluation, each dog/handler will have to pass each step in order to qualify for the CGC title.


Dogs who have attended a class can take the evaluation for $5. Other dogs can be evaluated for $10. 


When classes are not being offered, Work Nights will be!  These will consist of a variety of set “topics” that will be worked on during an announced time.  These will include but are not limited to Conformation Handling, Nose Work Games, Rally/Obedience Run Through, Agility Fun, Pet Manner Refreshers, Puppy Play, Therapy Dog Scenarios, etc.  These work nights are a drop in and pay by the dog event ($10 per dog).  The amount of time you get in the “ring” or to work with Amy is determined by the number in attendance.  Dogs must have previously attended a class, be an established client, or receive permission to attend (proof of vaccination and meeting the dog in advance).  Any dog or handler that is disruptive or reactive will be refunded their money and asked to leave the work night.

Check out our Work Night Page for more information and dates!